How it Works

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In 5 simple steps.

We’ve made it very simple for you to find the perfect candidates. With these 5 simple steps, you’ll be finding talent like there’s no tomorrow.

  • 1. Create

    Create a fully optimised job advert with your account manager.

  • 2. Advertise

    Advertise your role to 10M+ candidates using our nifty recruitment software.

  • 3. Review

    Review applications and rank suitability using our traffic light system.

  • 4. Contact

    Contact applicants with ease via our applicant tracking system.

  • 5. Interview

    Simply interview and hire as many candidates as you like all for one fixed fee.

Have some questions?

Have some questions?

Additional Services

We’re here to help.

Need more than just the use of our system? We’d love to help you. You can see a list of our additional services below and make sure to get in touch if you like what you see.

Telephone Pre-Screen / Interview

Our experienced Recruitment Consultants will work to your criteria and conduct initial telephone interviews or screenings on your behalf.

Fully Branded Advertising Campaign

Promote your company brand and raise your organisations profile online.

Extensive CV Database Search

Our Recruitment Consultants will carry out a targeted search across our advertising partners and provide you with CV’s that meet your requirements.

Video Interviews

Our experienced consultants will conduct video interviews on your behalf and send it to you via email for review.

Driver's Licence Checks

We will carry out driver’s licence checks with the DVLA and provide you with a certificate detailing licence status.

Right to Work Checks

We will undertake Right to Work checks on your behalf which will include verification of all identity documents.

Access to your Custom Talent Pool

Access to your own database of candidates who have applied for any of your positions advertised by Recruitment Hub. You will have access to current applicants as well as all historical applicants.

And Much More...

Still in need of a recruitment related service that you don’t see here? Why not get in touch and see if it’s something we can help with. We like a challenge…